GammaVita® Phase/Suspension Mixer - For processing liquid to semi-solid products and as a melting tank



“Satisfied customers“ – this is our aim at NETZSCH Vakumix.

We know your problems and worries and of course your wishes.

Profit form our experience of many years, as you will find this experience in the many details of all our plants. Constant optimizing and further developments by NETZSCH Vakumix engineers have contributed to the the high quality standard of the NETZSCH Vakumix Premix Vessels GammaVita.

Talk to us about possible options. Various design versions are available for your demands and your fields of application. Together, we can configure a machine that perfectly fits to your needs.

And of course you can decide, if you wish a premix-vessel for the stand-alone-operation or as part of the whole production line together wit other NETZSCH technologies as SystemVita.

Do not make any compromises. NETZSCH Vakumix offers you investment security right from the beginning.



NETZSCH Vakumix-Premix Vessel GammaVita® corresponds to the latest state of GMP-conform CIP design.
With this technology mixing and homogenizing tasks in the vessel, transfers as well as CIP tasks can be handled in only one unit.

  • Pressure- and Vacuum-tight design
  • GMP-compliant machine design
  • Scalability
  • CIP- and, optionally, SIP-capable machine design
  • All product-wetted parts in high-quality stainless steel (316L)
  • Short melting and mixing times due to external circulation line
  • Patented (EP 0760254 A1) circulating agitator:
    • Optional recirculation of product inside the tank or via external circulation line
    • Installation at the lowest point of the tank bottom
    • Stepless control of turbulence intensity via frequency-controlled drive
    • No additional pumps necessary for CIP and product transfer
  • Virtually complete emptying of the machine via the circulating agitator
  • Additional measuring probe assembly in the housing of the circulation agitor possible (temperature, pH value, pressure, etc.)
  • Various suction options for solids and liquids in a closed system
  • Can be heated/cooled via energy modules with features and media to meet customer requirements
  • Vacuum operation via water ring vacuum pumps
  • Various machine control and automation models available


Available sizes and executions:

  • Sizes from 10 - 12.000 liter
  • GammaVita® with circulation agitator
  • GammaVita® with rotor/stator homogenizer
  • GammaVita® with magnetical stirrer

All GammaVita® models are optionally available with top driven stirrers, like the NETZSCH Vakumix Easy Visco.

Examples for complete production unit as SystemVita

KappaVita® 1100 + GammaVita® 800
DeltaVita® 2000 + GammaVita® 60
DeltaVita® 600 + GammaVita® 25 + 2xGammaVita® 600





NETZSCH KappaVita with GammaVita


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