Functional monitoring and control with button, digital display and control lamps

The machine can be operated by means of robust pushbuttons, rotary dials and selector switches, and the speed of the agitator shaft can be continuously adjusted via a frequency converter.

A digital switchable display can be used to monitor essential operating parameters such as the speed of the agitator shaft, the current power consumption of the machine or the energy input. In addition, the control system has a set of error indicators that clearly show critical operating conditions should they occur

The pressure at the product inlet of the mill as well as the product temperature are monitored and displayed by means of a contact manometer and contact thermometers.

Furthermore, NETZSCH BASE is equipped with an automatic sieve cleaning sequence.

This means that when a limit value for the product pressure is exceeded, the feed pump stops for a short time, thus relieving the separator.


  • Mill on / off
  • Pump on / off
  • Pump slower / faster
  • Emergency stop
  • Reset kWh counter
  • Selector switch for operation / flushing
  • Mill slower / faster


  • Hardware control
  • Operation via push-buttons and selector switch
  • Digital display
  • Indicator lamps

Digital display / control panel

  • Agitator shaft speed [min-1]
    kWh display with temporary display switchover to
    current power display [kW]
  • Pump speed [1/min]
    (only for electromechanically driven pumps)

Other displays

  • Sealing fluid:
    Fill level: sight glass in the thermosyphon vessel
    Pressure: display on maintenance unit
  • Product temperature:
    display thermometer at mill inlet and outlet
  • Grinding chamber pressure
    display manometer at mill inlet  


  • Product temperature:
    Contact thermometer wiit MAX shut-off contact
  • Grinding chamber pressure:
    Contact manometer with pressure relief sequence and MAX shut-off contact
  • Screen cleaning sequence:
    If a limit value for the grinding chamber pressure is exceeded, the feed pump stops briefly, thus relieving the separator.
  • Sealing fluid:
    min level, min pressure, max temperature shut-off contact
  • Production stop:
    kWh preset value stops mill and pump after the preset value has been reached es
  • Flushing sequence:
    Flushing mode with reduced agitator shaft speed and automatic shut-off after 10 min