Hose filter in Top Removal Execution

Optimally designed to meet the Requirements of your Product

قطع غيار أصلية

قطع غيار أصلية

In Top Removal dust filters the filter hoses and -baskets are removed from the top via the clean gas side. Depending on the application case or use the dust filter execution is designed and put together from a wide-ranging portfolio with many, varied options.

  • Pressureless, pressure shock resistant or pressure relieved round- or rectangular filter in various material executions
  • Filter areas from 0.2 m2 up to 1000 m2
  • Equipped with unscrewable or hinged cover for free access to the clean gas chamber
  • Beater floor or complete filter upper part can be lifted off using a crane or swivel arm
  • Rapid locking system SmartLock for reduction of time required for opening and closing flange connection between raw- and gas side chamber
  • Filter perforation plate can be lifted off completely with filter hoses and -baskets
  • Snap-Ring technology for high dust-tightness to the clean gas chamber and the lowest possible residual dust content
  • Delivery of all commercially available filter hose qualities as well as special equipment e.g. for higher operating temperatures or very fine dusts
  • Filter baskets in galvanized or rustproof execution
  • Rectangular construction also possible for lower negative pressures and greater air volumes
  • Accessible filter upper part
  • Execution with self-supporting filter elements also possible




Efficient Separation of Dust with Problem-Free Operation


NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik GmbH, one of the global leading companies in the area of dry product processing, is part of the Business Unit Grinding & Dispersing of the NETZSCH Group. Customers profit from our comprehensive experience potential and our diverse machine program, ranging from laboratory- and production machines to complete production lines. Fine impact mills, classifying- and jet mills as well as fine-cutting mills and high-efficiency fine classifiers made by NETZSCH are mainly used in the application areas chemistry, inorganic materials/minerals, ceramics and life science for pharma- and food applications.



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