Optimization Services

There is always room for improvement

NETZSCH have been designing, supplying, commissioning and servicing Grinding & Dispersing equipment for more than 140 years, and we keep learning every day. Let us share with you some of this knowledge and experience through optimization services.


Due to its robustness and reliability NETZSCH equipment can deliver extended lifetimes.

During these years, technology and regulations keep developing, therefore upgrade your machines, so they are always up to date.

Our upgrades cover:

  • New and efficient grinding systems
  • New materials of construction
  • Latest safety regulations
  • Electrical /Electronic improvements


Many sensors and measuring devices require regular calibration and certification. Instead of using several suppliers and procedures, NETZSCH can offer you professional calibration and certification of all devices supplied with our equipment. Combined with scheduled service agreements, you can really be sure to have your equipment in the best conditions, well documented and certified.


Regardless, all NETZSCH service support and services, your own staff s knowledge is still the most valuable asset to keep your installations delivering reliable and optimal performance.

NETZSCH provide seminars covering all aspects such as process, scale-up, maintenance, etc. or custom specific education programs, specially designed for your company, we share our experience with you.


Repairing, maintaining or upgrading your machines is good but not enough. These machines are part of as manufacturing or lab process, with many parameters and interaction with other systems and equipment.

Let us share with you our experience in process, in order to help you find the best practices, procedures and operating parameters to produce product optimally in terms of quality, efficiency and safety.

From the lab to full industrial scale, from dry to wet processing, NETZSCH process experts are ready to support you with customized process advise and optimization services.

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To increase your competitiveness, to organize the smooth and efficient running of your processes and to ensure a maximum machine uptime, we offer you a range of services, which makes us your capable and reliable partner.