03 Sep 2009 Press Release

Introducing NETZSCH Technologies in Korea

our technology - YOUR SUCCESS – according to the slogan, NETZSCH Korea attended Nano Korea 2009 and held several Nano Seminars to introduce our technologies in the field of wet and dry grinding.

Nano Korea is the largest exhibition for industrial nano applications in Korea and the number of exhibitors and visitors was increasing since 2006. This year, however, the number of visitors decreased a little due to the global economic situation. But, we can say, we had very good success promoting our technologies for both dry and wet grinding using an accomplished booth design for our exhibits the new designed MiniCer®, an s-Jet® and a MiniZeta demonstration model. These machines captured the visitors’ attention and gave a very good impression already in front of the main gate of the fair, where our booth was located.

After finishing the work on the fair booth, we held the NETZSCH Nano Seminar 2009 at three places in Busan, Daejeon and Ansan within 3 days. The title of the seminar “Advanced Technologies in Wet and Dry Nano Grinding and Dispersing” aroused a lot of interest. Many research engineers took the chance to attend this seminar. They were very interested in the theory of wet and dry grinding with regard to their research tasks and new developments because they never had a chance to get such useful information of dry and wet grinding at just one place before.