15 Jul 2009 Press Release

Expansion of the Chocolate Laboratory

The remodeling work of our Chocolate laboratory involved enlarging the laboratory space, the stock room, the test area and the conference room. In addition, the walls and floors were tiled in order to comply with the hygiene standards of the food industry.

The chocolate laboratory has been equipped with the following:

  • the ChocoEasy® 50 compact system for conching and grinding the chocolate mass
  • the LME 6 horizontal disk mill for mixing and grinding fillings, chocolate compounds or spreads
  • a CONDUX CUM 150 universal mill for pre-grinding sugar or milk powder
  • additional equipment such as a tempering unit and a boiler with agitator
  • a special refrigerator with no humidity and heating chambers for melting the raw mixtures
  • and last but not least, with friendly personnel

After reviewing the technical details, the customer (whether large or small) can let his imagination run wild when it comes to the recipe. Our team in the chocolate laboratory does everything it can to ensure that tests lead to the expected result.