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NETZSCH Food & Confectionery is known for its innovative strength and a constant guarantee for innovations in machines and systems for the production of confectionery masses. This year we would like to share our innovative processes and solutions with you personally by offering our customers and prospects online seminars on a wide range of topics in the coming weeks.

We show highlights of our latest innovations in grinding technology e.g. with the MasterRefiner, as well as our MasterConch with the Rumba® process for the production of chocolates and compound masses or the most efficient technologies such as our MasterCream for pre- and fine grinding of nuts, oil seeds of all kinds.

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NEW Online Seminar

Cocoa Mass Production : Reducing Operating Costs with System Tango®

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Cocoa nib grinding
  • Cocoa liquor refining
  • Dry processing of cocoa
  • Comparison to other systems

System Tango® is made up of two mills: the MasterRefiner Agitator Bead Mill and an N Series beater blade mill. Both mills, along with a feed pump and control unit, are mounted on a tubular frame, thereby forming a coherent unit. It requires minimal space and is easy to transport and install The associated benefits with respect to efficiency, energy consumption and operating costs are apparent.

The compact processing system can do the job with one agitator mill since cocoa nibs first undergo a high level of comminution in the beater blade mill. It processes a granulate with a grain size of several millimeters into a mass with a particle size of less than 75 micrometers. The product is fed from the top and is also processed in this direction.

Preserves flavor, no intermediate tank needed, and a long service life:
Because the drive system of the beater blade mill is on top, there is room to install an additional cooling system in the lower area of the tank. This allows the cocoa mass to be processed at temperatures that will preserve the flavor, thus eliminating the need for an intermediate tank. This way, up to four tons of the finest cocoa mass can be processed per hour. The four beater blades deliver exceptional performance with high precision and a long service life and – when necessary – can be exchanged outside the tank within half an hour.

  • Date: Wed, Aug 18, 2021 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
  • Featured Presenter: Andrew Trefny, Food & Confectionery Application Specialist


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