MasterCream 10 - Manufacture your own Nut Paste and process Rework

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MasterCream 10 processes whole nuts and reprocesses chocolate drops and pralines

Düsseldorf/Selb, 9 May 2014 – With the new MasterCream 10 from Netzsch Confectionery, manufacturers of fillings can significantly increase their added value. The system produces a ready-to-process mass from whole raw materials and can pump it directly into the mixing tank. The reprocessing of already finished products also helps reduce costs. These processes were clearly demonstrated by NETZSCH Confectionery at the Interpack 2014.

Whether it's hard, crunchy whole nuts or cocoa nibs, whether tender pastry or waffles: with the MasterCream 10 the company has designed a machine for pre-grinding robust raw materials that is economical in many respects.

First, it can process nuts with a diameter up to 15 millimeter, even dry – without the addition of fat. This results in a very high-quality paste that can then be directly processed through a mixing tank and agitator bead mill into the finest filling. "The manufacturer no longer has to purchase the nut paste as he did in the past," stated Theron Harbs, General Manager of NETZSCH Confectionery, pointing out the clear advantage.

The MasterCream also reprocesses finished products with a diameter up to 30 millimeters without additional steps. These include, for example, chocolate drops coated with a candy shell or food coloring and soft products made of cocoa and confectionery mass containing fat, such as pralines or nougat.

Flexible Application at mild Temperatures

Another strong point of the MasterCream: The raw materials are very quickly ground into a high-quality mass with a grain size of 50 to 1,000 micrometers. The dwell time in the machine is brief, so they are exposed to low operating temperatures ranging from 35°C to a maximum of 50°C. That, in turn, benefits the product in terms of aroma and flavor development. The machine has a variable operating speed range of 1,000 to 4,500 min-1 and requires no additional water cooling.

The MasterCream 10 can be used as a stand-alone machine or can be integrated into an existing production line. If the MasterCream is installed directly adjacent to the mixing tank, as with the NETZSCH Salsa® Compact System for example, it requires no additional pump due to the low viscosity of the mass, thus lowering the operating costs. Because of its compact design, the MasterCream is easy to clean and therefore ensures a high level of product safety.


Pre-cutting-system MasterCream - the machine for the efficient refining of confectionery raw materials such as nuts as well for the reprocessing of rework as pralines, sugar-coated candies and filled wafers.