Argilas Calcinadas

Também conhecido como Silicato de Alumínio (Al2O3, 2SiO2, 2H2O), possui principalmente propriedades de absorção de óleo, brilho reduzido e propriedades translúcidas. Ele também fornece efeito de ocultação e reduz o uso de TiO2 em grande parte.



Calcined Clay has several industrial applications such as:

  • Paper industry: used as a filler which reduces its overall cost, improves its printing properties such as brightness, smoothness and gloss.
  • Paint industry: forms the basic raw material as an extender for Water based decorative paints among others.
  • Rubber industry: has many uses as a filler in plastics: Speciality films: PE master batch; PE cables; PE film; pPVC cables; PVC extrusions; PVC plastisols; PP mouldings; polyamide mouldings; PBT/PET mouldings; unsaturated polyester; urea formaldehyde; phenol formaldehyde.
  • Ceramics industry: is widely used in the manufacture of whiteware ceramics. Kaolin and Calcined clay are used for refractory applications.
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