Roadshow Printing Inks

We are kindly inviting you to attend the "2018 Seminar on the Application of Grinding and Dispersion Technology in Ink Industry" held in Guangzhou on December 07, 2018.

Ink, which is a suspension system composed of pigments, binders (resin oil), additives and other materials. As one of the core processes in ink production, the grinding and dispersion process has a great impact on the color intensity, gloss and color uniformity of the ink products, thus ultimately affecting the product quality and results of using. With the continuous improvement of grinding and dispersing technology and long-term support experience in the ink industry, NETZSCH expert team will discuss and share with you the latest solutions in ink production.

In this seminar, you will experience the latest and most efficient grinding systems and equipments, such as the Neos system, which improves the efficiency by 30%-100%, the Macro system designed for high viscous ink, and the Epsilon process for mixing solid and liquid.

We look forward to meeting you in Guangzhou!



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07 Dez 2018 Guangzhou China, VRC Registrieren