E-Coat System

The most common use of this system is to coat CaCO3 with stearic acid. By coating fine ground and classified Calcium Carbonate we can add more value to fillers in the fineness range of 3µm to 45µm. The plastic industry requires for many application this type of coated filler. E-Coating system is not limited to CaCO3 and is also used to treat other minerals with different additives such as polymers for example.

NETZSCH Ecutec Coating Systems utilize a Sierra Pin Mill with high shear forces to achieve the best de-agglomerating action. Simultaneously CaCO3 and stearic Acid are added into a highly turbulent area which is the key to a perfectly coated product with a very low consumption of stearic acid (0.5% and 1%, depending on product fineness). For standard applications, no additional classification is necessary to extract agglomerates as it is necessary in many comparable systems. Agglomerates are avoided also by cooling down the product after the pin mill to solidify the stearic acid as quick as possible.

E-Coat System has been recently updated  with new sensors, controls and also redesigned the whole melting and pumping area. With the new system the flow rates can be controlled perfectly which led to a 100% automatized and trouble free coating system.


  • Minimization of the coating agent
  •  Aiming to achieve a perfect single layer of coating
  •  Avoid creating agglomerates after the coating process
  • Low energy consumption
  • Long lifetime of filter bags
  • Compact design
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