Spare Parts

For the whole NETZSCH machines & equipment program

At some point your machine may require replacement broken or worn out parts. If you have NETZSCH machines, you have already made the choice to purchase a first class piece of equipment, so why waste your time finding alternative suppliers, qualifying them, technically specifying the parts and materials and ultimately, taking the risk of using non originals parts from third parties?



Ensure the smooth operation of your equipment


By using original Spare Parts you ensure: 

  • A reliable and guaranteed decision. Remove the element of surprise!
  • Optimum performance of your machine, same as the very first day
  • Quality and durability of the parts supplied
  • A fair price
  • No risk of damaging the machine or other parts by malfunctioning of non-original parts
  • Maximizing the value of your machine over its lifetime
  • Worldwide availability and consistency in quality standards


Plus access to all our supporting service solutions such as:

  • Preventive maintenance contracts
  • Parts exchange and repair services
  • Upgrades
  • Qualified process and technical advise
  • Training and education of your staff of various subjects and different levels


Does it makes sense to risk all this?

“Cheap can be Expensive”

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To increase your competitiveness, to organize the smooth and efficient running of your processes and to ensure a maximum machine uptime, we offer you a range of services, which makes us your capable and reliable partner.