For the formulation of plant protectants, fertilizers and seed treatments using the latest technology, NETZSCH offers sophisticated state-of-the-art machines and processes. Our design and selection of the NETZSCH technology appropriate for your production process take the aspects of economic efficiency, reliability, quality and environmental protection into account.

We engage with our customers to develop solutions and implement them with service and process-related support. Numerous references, from laboratory to production machines to complete turnkey systems show that many international customers have put their trust in us.


Materials or mixtures used in agriculture and horticulture to increase the nutrients available to cultivated plants are referred to as fertilizers. In most cases, the use of fertilizer results in higher yields or faster growth.

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Plant Protection

Aside from additives, pesticides usually consist of one or more active substances which give the pesticide the desired properties. They protect plants or plant products from organisms that harm them.

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Seed Treatment

In seed treatment, the grain is coated with targeted growth-enhancing substances and growth-protectants during the dressing process. Consequently, the seeds are protected from disease and their optimal growth is ensured from the moment they are sown.

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