Fillings, Coatings, Chocolate Compounds

Dip coatings, icings and fillings differ from chocolate in that they have a higher fat content. The vegetable fats used are the primary determinants of their characteristics. Depending on the temperature, they are essentially responsible for the taste and viscosity and affect the consistency, how it feels in the mouth, the aroma it gives off and the way it melts. 
The overall higher fat content and the use of different vegetable fats change the consistency of the compound, making production and processing easier than for chocolate. On the one hand, the selective tempering is omitted and on the other hand, due to the lower viscosity, the time-consuming and costly dry and wet conching process can be eliminated.

Confectionery Systems

Confectionery Systems

Products & Solutions in the field of Confectionery Systems

System Salsa® - Plant for Compound Masses

Our Salsa®-system provides the economical production of compounds, fillings or spreads with an individual note, even in small quantities.

System MasterCream - Pre-Cutting-System

The MasterCream was developed for the flexible and efficient refining of confectionery raw materials such as nuts as well for the reprocessing of rework as pralines, sugar-coated candies and filled wafers.



Products & Solutions in the field of NETZSCH-Beads®

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Cast steel grinding beads of tempered carbon steel