NETZSCH equipment for a wide range of product groups in the food and confectionery industry


The machines and systems manufactured by the Grinding & Dispersing Business Unit of the NETZSCH Group are used in the food and confectionery industry for the production or processing of spices, sugar, flour, chocolate, fillings, compounds, nut mixtures, food additives, etc.

In all application areas, NETZSCH stands for efficient processes and maximum production capacity, as well as modern, user-friendly and innovative machine design. We will meet your challenge and improve your competitive capacity through maximum efficiency and reproducible high quality, while also reducing downtimes.

You profit from NETZSCH as a market and technology leader that supports you over the long term and worldwide. Together with you, we will work out the right solution for your projects in the food industry.



On this modern concept of totally enclosed production line all the main equipment of the line can work on their specific steps simultaneously, reducing significantly the losses in time and process adjustment when one of the equipments is not in operation or must be adjusted for other product.

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Fillings, Coatings, Chocolate Compounds

Dip coatings, icings and fillings differ from chocolate in that they have a higher fat content. The vegetable fats used are the primary determinants of their characteristics.

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Cocoa Liquor

Large quantities of finely-ground cocoa liquor are required, with the typical production capacity between 1 and 5 t/h. For more than 30 years, NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik has been supplying machines for fine-grinding pre-processed cocoa liquor to the cocoa-processing industry.

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Cocoa Press Cake

Finely-ground cocoa liquor is separated into liquid cocoa butter and solid cocoa press cake in a chamber filter press.

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Special Flours / Protein Shifting

Grinding and classifying with higher throughput capacity


The desire for something sweet is one of man's basic needs and sugar is an important source of energy. As a quickly available carbohydrate, it increases performance during physical exertion and sports activities.

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They titillate the palate and seduce the senses – exotic spices give the meal that extra something. They are obtained from roots, bulbs, bark, leaves, herbs, blossoms, fruit or seeds.

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Food Additives and Food Supplements with many different Properties


Finest Grinding for Greater Enjoyment!