Dispersion Days

Without colors, everyday life would be drab and boring. But today, colors are much more than the visual impression allows us to imagine.  

With the aid of paints and coatings and impact and non-impact inks, various functionalities are often presented simultaneously.

Coatings serve to protect against corrosion, have anantistatic e ect, are turned into simple, printed electronic components or indicate shelf life on packages of preserved products. When we‘re driving, reflective or luminescent elements show us the way. Glass coatings automatically provide UV protection and will even act as generators for solar energy in the future.

Colors can completely change the visual appearance aswell as the tactile properties of products. Materials are found in buildings today that look like marble, granite or wood, but are actually ceramic tiles. Functional coatings require the formulation of colored organic or inorganic pigments and preferably ecological solvents, binders and fillers.

In the textiles sector, it is also required that they be anti-allergenic. In addition, mixing and dispersing machines, along with agitator bead mills of various designs, are required for the production of these dispersions. For development and quality assurance, the characterization of particle size, color intensity, transparency or glossis essential.


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