Chocolate Technology Day
Challenges of Modern Chocolate Processing

The goal of our chocolate technology day is to providean overview of improvements in capabilities for theproduction of chocolate masses.

The emphasis will be atheoretical and practical insight into the latest conchingand bead milling technology of the ChocoEasy® process,with the possibility to incorporate cleaning in place (CIP) systems.

Finally we present the economical benefits of the ChocoEasy® process in comparison to traditional roller refinerprocess.

Target Group

Includes representatives from the following areas:

  • Owners and Managers
  • Production
  • Process Technology
  • Research & Development


Arrival | 25th April 2017

20:00 Evening program with reception and dinner


Program | 26th February 2017

8.30 Official welcome and presentation of participants

9:00 ChocoEasy® process: Theoretical insights

10:00 “WhiteLab”: Part I Processing of milk chocolate – Potentialities of the dry conching phase

11:00 New developments for enhanced line efficiency and cleaning of NETZSCH Food &Confectionery plants

12:00 Guest lecture: Sugar substitutes in the confectionery industry Frau Dr. Böhme – TU Dresden

12:30 Lunch Time

14:00 “WhiteLab”: Part II Processing of milk chocolate – Finegrinding

15:00 An user’s view: Chocolate production with ChocoEasy® process

15:30 Analysis: Quantitative nutrition constituents of confectionery masses and raw materials by NIR spectroscopy Unity Scientific

16:00 Evaluation of the day and finishing of workshopChallenges of Modern Chocolate Processing

Date City Country
26 Apr 2017 Selb Germany Register