22 Mar 2010 Press Release


The grinding of products, whose dusts are potentially explosive, places particularly high demands on the technology used and the design of a grinding plant with regard to safety. The most frequently used variant is a complete grinding system which is pressure shock resistant up to 10 bar (g). However, this usually means considerable costs for peripheral equipment.

With the new ATEX-compliant plant concept CUM Compact, the installation of a more efficient grinding plant for many products is considerably easier: With this newly developed plant concept explosion protection valves or explosion suppression equipment, explosion-decoupling devices, ventilators and even dust filter systems are no longer required in the classical sense.

The resulting advantages of this are obvious: the integration of the grinding system in existing production systems is possible without any problems thanks to the minimal space required; any cleaning required after changing the product can be carried out quickly due to the compact construction; also, considerably lower investment and maintenance costs are further arguments for this new grinding system.The well-proven CONDUX Universal Mill is the basis machine in this new grinding system. The grinding of the products within this machine is mainly by impact- and shearing action. By simply selecting different grinding tools, this machine can be used either as a blast mill, pin-disc mill or wing-beater mill, enabling it to process a large variety of products and produce various final finenesses!

The pin disc mill execution, which is without a screen, processes the feed product in one single run. The final size can be determined by the peripheral speed and the arrangement of pins on the discs.

In the blast- or wing-beater mills, the rotating tools principally work against a fixed rotor, which determines the final size and which can be executed either as a screen track, grooved grinding track or screen/grinding track and which even further increases the variety of combinations possible! A repeated mechanical stress of the product within the mill is thus made possible.

This plant will be introduced to the specialist public at this year´s POWTECH exhibition in Nuremberg.