01 Mar 2008 Press Release

Fluidized Bed Jet Mills with Ceramic Lining

For many applications, which require high standards of wear- and contamination protection, fine-mills or fine-classifiers, with their conventional metal surfaces, are not suitable.
In these cases lining of the complete or at least of the most important components can be carried out.
This is done either by using ceramic materials or other special material combinations according to the product requirements. Over the last few years, the technical high-performance ceramic, aluminium oxide, has proved to be particularly suitable for this purpose.
Due to its many different shapes, aluminium oxide can be used for even the most difficult construction shapes and thus ensures protection against undesirable metal abrasion.
Even the most complicated of components or constructions are painstakingly lined manually with thousands of tiny ceramic tiles without the formation of larger gaps or edges. In the last few years, our specially trained staff here in Hanau have been able to gather extensive experience of this process, which is advantageous for the user.
Especially during the last 24 months, the number of machines lined in this way has increased markedly. In particular, the Fluidised Bed Jet Mill type CGS has often been delivered in this execution. The practically wear-free air-jet milling of this machine is perfected with a complete lining with ceramic tiles. White product remains as white as it was before the grinding process, and is still super-fine!

Such ceramic linings can also be used extensively in pneumatic piping systems, especially in pipings which include pipe bends and high-performance cyclone separators. The extreme swirling movement of the product in these pipings usually leads to an increase in wear and therefore to a greater abrasion, which can be prevented using ceramic-lining.