01 Mar 2013 Press Release

NETZSCH at the 4th Annual Drug Delivery and Formulation Summit

The 4th Annual Drug Delivery and Formulation Summit was held on February 18th-20th 2013 in Berlin, Germany.

The theme for this years summit was ‘Discovering Novel Formulation Technologies and Drug Delivery Platforms’.  Approximately 43 suppliers and exhibitors had stationed booths, whilst there were approximately 150+ delegates to the conference. NETZSCH had a DeltaVita® 15-300 on display at the booth and it was well received by the delegates, as the mill/grinding process could be explained better with the visual machine present.

NETZSCH took part in speaking on the Technology Day of the conference and was well received.  Randall Smith, President of NETZSCH Premiere Technologies presented along with Michael Juhnke, of Novartis.  The presentation topic was ‘Micronization of API to Enhance Solubility’. There were 4 areas that were discussed, and they are as follows:

  1. Exploring opportunities, challenges and applications for Micronization of API
  2. Understanding the fundamentals and methodology of utilizing ‘Bead Mills’ to increase the solubility of API
  3. NETZSCH DeltaVita®: Critical design parameters and units available
  4. Real world applications utilizing Micronization of API to nanoscale