20 Nov 2014 Press Release

NETZSCH Confectionery exhibits at ProSweets 2015

With its Mambo® processing plant and its integrated design, NETZSCH Confectionery was focused on the highest possible quality standards and hygienic requirements. The plant components are completely enclosed and operate under a constant slight overpressure. Therefore, no contamination can enter from the outside and no foreign matter can get into the production cycle. The Mambo® has a two-level design and can accommodate all of the required equipment in a space of about 13 square meters.

Equally important for a high level of product safety is the capability for fast and uncomplicated, but nonetheless thorough internal cleaning: the more often, the better. A good prerequisite for short intervals is the Mambo®'s pipeline system, which interconnects its components. Due to the compact design of the plant, the pipeline is 20 to 30 percent shorter than for other plants of comparable size. After each transfer process, the pipelines are cleaned via a two-circuit pigging system.

With the regular cleaning of the entire system integrated into the production process, the time required for changing products is also drastically reduced. In the CIP mode (Cleaning in Place) only very small amounts of fat, which are part of the relevant confectionery mass anyway, are pumped through all components of the plant in defined sequences. For this process, a total of 25 to 100 liters is sufficient and can be used again later in another production batch. Depending on the size of the plant, the time required is reduced from several hours to a few minutes; and it doesn't have to be disassembled or cleaned by hand.

With the innovative design of the Mambo®, NETZSCH Confectionery has squared the circle: the hygienic standard and product safety are significantly higher than before, and at the same time, the required expenditure of time and costs are considerably lower.

About NETZSCH Confectionery

The NETZSCH Group has 140 years of experience in the development of technologies for crushing challenging raw materials and their machines and equipment are among the best in the world in this area. It is no accident that this is especially true for the processing of sugar and cocoa.

Ten years ago NETZSCH Confectionery introduced the first system to the market that was specifically designed for the production of compounds and chocolate – the ChocoEasy®. Both the plant design and the name still exist today, but ChocoEasy® now designates the machines for the craft and very small batch sector, while the plants for industrial production are marketed under the trade name Rumba®. Included in the NETZSCH Confectionery portfolio are three processing systems for confectionery production – ChocoEasy® / Rumba®, Mambo® and Salsa®.

In March 2014, NETZSCH acquired the Hamburg company Dr.-Ing. Bauermeister, specialist for the development and construction of beater blade mills. The company will operate under the name NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik GmbH in the future and will expand and focus its machine portfolio on the production of cocoa mass from cocoa nibs. NETZSCH has combined the beater blade mills developed and manufactured by Dr.-Ing. Bauermeister with its own LME agitator bead mills to create the Tango® processing system. Up to four tons of ultrafine cocoa mass can be produced per hour from pre-crushed and finely ground cocoa nibs.

Visit NETZSCH at ProSweets 2015 in Hall 10.1, Booth G040