01 Apr 2007 Press Release

NETZSCH Delivers State of the Art Manufacturing Facility

NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik GmbH recently handed over a new manufacturing plant for the production of 30,000 tons/year publication gravure ink to Sun Chemicals in Rochdale, UK.
Using the latest technology the NETZSCH team has brought together a ‘Turn-Key’ plant of 32 machines and ancillaries on time and on budget. For the ink and extender production the machinery selected was a combination of PMD batch disperser technology, upgraded LME horizontal bead mills and the revolutionary new Inline-Disperser Ψ-Mix®. The plant utilization was split between the simple intermediate product production on the PMD machines and the inks to be produced on the Ψ-Mix® and LME combination.
Just as predicted from initial laboratory tests the plant and machinery performed as expected. Production on all four colour lines, resin plant and additives plant outmatched the production targets and guarantees.
With its technologically market leading machines and its project engineering skills NETZSCH can offer a complete solution from the laboratory to the customer’s door.