24 Oct 2014 Press Release

NETZSCH Grinding & Dispersing at P-MEC Europe in Paris

From October 7 - 9 NETZSCH presented itself to the trade experts at P-MEC in Paris. P-MEC showcases innovative pharmaceutical machinery, equipment and technology to a worldwide forum of decision makers face to face.

P-MEC Europe, along with co-located events CPhI Worldwide for pharmaceutical ingredients, ICSE for Contract Services and InnoPack for innovative pharmaceutical packaging, is an unrivalled networking and business event for the global pharma community.

NETZSCH presented the DeltaVita® mill as part of the wet milling technology portfolio, the homogenizing mixer KappaVita and the economic dispersionizer Omega®.

The DeltaVita® series has been specially designed to efficiently increase solubility of APIs, thereby enhancing their efficacy. With this mill, users can achieve consistent particle size distributions below 100 nanometers to increase surface area, solubility and bioavailability.

With the KappaVita HM 10 laboratory batches can be made for the development of liquid to pasty and high viscous cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. To realize a scaling up process to larger mixers, all built on mixing and homogenizing components as well as the vessels were designed in relation to the production machines.

The Omega® dispersionizer allows effective dispersing of particle agglomerates and emulsions, delamination of layered materials and cell disruption. The ergonomic design along with ease of product changeover and cleaning simplify the daily operation of the machine.