28 Jan 2009 Press Release

NETZSCH Process and Plant Engineering Services win next large turn key plant

Having completed an impressive 30,000 Tonne / annum Gravure Ink plant in the United Kingdom in 2006 and a 35,000 Tonne / annum Heat Set plant in Germany in 2008, the engineering team at NETZSCH had an enviable track record.
So when Sakata Inx Espana needed a new NC/PU Solvent based Packaging Ink plant to be built, near Barcelona, using cutting edge technology and the latest state of the art safety systems, they too have enlisted NETZSCH’s services.
This new production facility is the largest project of its kind in Europe, since the plant in Germany, and Sakata needed a company that could design the process, engineer the new plant from start to finish and also guarantee its final performance.
NETZSCH are very pleased to be associated with one of the world’s largest Ink producers and the plant is scheduled to be producing in the 4th quarter of 2009.