22 Mar 2010 Press Release

New Compact Laboratory Plant

NETZSCH-CONDUX Mahltechnik now has a new LabCompactPlant for the ultra-fine grinding and classification of products of all hardnesses in their comprehensive program. During the development of this plant, new benchmarks were set with regard to ergonomics, flexibility, space requirements and reproducibility of results.

The plant is designed for concept tests as well as for batches of up to 5l in one run (without interruptions).

Parts in contact with the product and the base frame of the Compact-Plant are executed in stainless steel.

Nearly all application problems in the areas of ultra-fine grinding and classification can be solved with a basic plant module and the possibility to complete it with various grinding- and classifying aggregates. As well as with the proven Fluidized Bed Jet Mill CGS and the High Density Bed Jet Mill ConJet®®, for the first time the use of a conventional fine impact mill with the newly developed Universal Mill CUM is possible in such a module-plant. In addition, the proven Fine Classifiers CFS and CFS/HD-S can be used for the classification of powders.

The plant is delivered completely assembled and inspected after the carrying out of a test-run. A central connection point for compressed air and electricity ensures installation and commissioning times are kept to a minimum.

The compact dimensions of around 1,3m x 0,7 m and a total installation height of about 1,8m mean it is easy to find room to install the basic module. Transport of the plant is also easy due to its modest dimensions.

During the design stage of the control system for the plant, particular emphasis was placed on a simple, concise operation. The control system features a high degree of flexibility and process safety due to the representation, monitoring and regulation of all important process parameters in a graphic display. All important plant parameters for the process such as grinding air pressure, gap purge air and bearing purge air, amounts of process gas and speeds are automatically monitored and regulated according to a setpoint setting.

A reproducibility of grinding – and classification results is guaranteed absolutely with this conception.

This plant will be introduced to the specialist public at this year´s POWTECH exhibition in Nuremberg.