01 Feb 2008 Press Release

New Inline-Disperser Micro Ψ-Mix®

NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik GmbH has developed the Micro Ψ-Mix®, a pilot plant version of the Ψ-Mix® Inline Disperser. This machine is specially designed for tests and the production of small batches.
Homogeneous, fine dispersions within a controlled process are achieved both with the Ψ-Mix® as well as the Micro Ψ-Mix®. Batches starting from 15 liters of suspension can be produced at a production capacity of approx. 100 – 400 kg/h. A scale-up to the production machine can be achieved with the pilot plant machine.
The Ψ-Mix® and Micro Ψ-Mix® present a new dispersing method encompassing emission and dust-free inline operation. Fine particulate or dusty solids are wetted with liquid components under vacuum and micro cavitation. Low to high viscosity – barely pumpable – suspensions are easily processed. The complete field of application of the dispersion technology is covered. Compared with conventional single shaft or multi shaft mixers, the energy demand is reduced to less than half the typical amount. Savings in subsequent processes, like fine grinding or filtration can be realized due to the finer dispersion quality achieved with this system.

An important characteristic of the Micro Ψ-Mix® and the Ψ-Mix® is the thin film de-aeration function, which works emission-free without external vacuum pump and re-condenses vapors in the suspension during the process.