01 Nov 2008 Press Release

Up to 30% energy savings!

Those who fine-grind know; energy costs are a decisive factor and energy efficiency, justifiably, is a demand in this industry.
Now, NETZSCH-CONDUX Mahltechnik GmbH in Hanau, a worldwide leading manufacturer in the area of dry product processing, can meet these industry demands; with our new e-Jet® System. The e stands for economical, energy efficient and ecological. Until now, air jet mills were used mainly for the processing of value added products. The e-Jet® System marks the beginning of new trend.

The e-Jet® System saves up to 30% of energy costs. How?
"Sensible drivers do not take much longer to reach their destinations than those who drive full throttle, and their consumption is lower. This could also be used as a simplified description of this new system“, explained Thomas Schneider, Head of Marketing at NETZSCH-CONDUX Mahltechnik GmbH. "The grinding conditions were adapted to this innovative System that produces highly efficient adiabatic energy in a single-stage, low-pressure operation. Thanks to smaller compressors, the purchasing costs are also lower."

The advantages of this System at a glance:

  • lower investment costs
  • lower production costs
  • suitable for all machine sizes
  • suitable for numerous products
  • highest fineness
  • final finenesses free of oversized particles
  • steep particle size distribution
  • virtual contamination-free grinding
  • retrofitting of plants possible

A new trend: Economical Jet Mills 
"All of those who in the past have only been able to produce economically using mechanical mills, now have an alternative: The e-Jet® System. It not only allows you to mill more economically, it also allows you to grind certain materials such as minerals or amorphous chemical products more energy efficiently and in superfine quality."

Innovation through Experience - to the benefit of our Customers 
„Good ideas are not created by magic, but rather by solutions based on know-how and technical achievements“, stated Thomas Schneider, regarding the innovative ability of his company. „Naturally NETZSCH-CONDUX's long experience and market leadership have already helped to meet many challenges. Our customers benefit from not having to become grinding specialists themselves to solve the application problems that we can provide the exact solutions for, economically and expeditiously. NETZSCH-CONDUX has a long research tradition. Highly qualified employees have been working for many years in our in-house laboratory to develop solutions for specific applications“.

Our company skillfully combines the lean-management of a mid size business with the possibilities of a global player. As a member of the business unit Grinding & Dispersing of the international NETZSCH Group, NETZSCH-CONDUX develops and manufactures machines and plants for fine-grinding and classifying the finest powders, in close cooperation with our renowned customers.