Webinar Series: Paints & Coatings

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How to disperse large batch sizes in an economic, efficient and intelligent way?

In this approx. 20 minute webinar Michael Rappl will present our stationary intensive mixer “PMD VC” as a proven and highly reliable solution for dispersing batch sizes > 2000 liter combined with borderline product values like high density and rheology issues. especially for medium to high viscosity products with high solid contents.

Working concept of the PMD VC Mixer and why it is much more efficient and uses much lower power consumption compared to traditional high speed mixer.

How the Intelligent ADS control system can ensure a very rapid but controlled powder feed for optimum solids wetting follow by a dispersion and homogenization process ensuring a high quality premix with each and every batches. A well proven cleaning system with sequential cleaning process to effectively clean the mixer interior after each batch.

Finally some process data from various production to be shared and discussed with you.

The webinar is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced users.