Webinar Series | Technologies and basics

Selection of the Grinding Technology according to the Material Properties of the Product

Along with agglomeration, separation and mixing, comminution is one of the four basic operations in mechanical process engineering.

According to our general understanding, comminution usually means the breaking up of a solid structure under the influence of mechanical energy.

Such comminution processes can be differentiated into real comminution, deagglomeration, deaggregation, delamination or defibrillation. Emulsification, however, i.e., the breaking up of liquid droplets or gas bubbles in another liquid, or even processes in which cell disruption is the goal can also be understood as comminution processes.

The properties of materials to be ground are just as varied as the objective of a comminution process as the aim of the comminution process is not always simply to increase the fineness of the material to be ground.

The webinar will explain material properties and the effects of mechanical material stress. Based on the knowledge gained, conditions will be derived that are necessary for the design of an efficient, high-yield comminution process.

Comminution technologies will presented and explained, sometimes with the aid of animations.