Cocoa Liquor

Large quantities of finely-ground cocoa liquor are required, with the typical production capacity between 1 and 5 t/h. For more than 30 years, NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik has been supplying machines for fine-grinding pre-processed cocoa liquor to the cocoa-processing industry. Instead of fine grinding with one KE SK or LME mill, the product is usually run through two mills in tandem. This provides the following production advantages:

  • Higher output
  • Maximum finenesses
  • Production is not forced to stop if one of the mills requires maintenance
  • The plant with the LME mill does not require an open screen

Depending on the intended use, the cocoa liquor is required in varied degrees of fineness.

Confectionery Systems

Products & Solutions in the field of Confectionery Systems
System Tango®

The Tango® process plant achieves the production of finest cocoa mass thanks to the combination of beater blade mill type N and agitator bead mill type LME.

System Tango®

The Tango® process plant achieves the production of finest cocoa mass thanks to the combination of beater blade mill type N and agitator bead mill type LME.

Wet Grinding

Products & Solutions in the field of Wet Grinding
Horizontal disk mill System TetraNex® Type LME

The disk grinding system sets new benchmarks regarding capacity and flexibility. You profit from well-engineered technology that has already been proved for processing different products.

Vertical disk mill type KE

The optimized, vertical disk grinding system guarantees reliable continuous operation at highest operating safety when processing mineral and ceramic products as well as cocoa masses.

Mixing and De-Aerating

Products & Solutions in the field of Mixing and De-Aerating
MaxShear Inline Disperser

Compact enough to be included at virtually any point in your process. The self-pumping portable unit features rotor/stator based technology with multiple stator configurations available.

NETZSCH DA / DA-VS Vacuum De-Aerator

The NETZSCH Vacuum De-Aerator offers a simple way to remove even micronized gas and air pockets from liquids of various viscosities or from viscous compounds and pastes.

Micro Ψ-Mix® Laboratory Inline Disperser

With the laboratory-scale version of the successful Ψ-Mix® Inline Disperser you can rely on innovative dispersion technology with emission-free inline operation for optimal wetting of powders in liquids.

ShearMaster Laboratory Dissolver

The ShearMaster laboratory dissolver is designed for batch sizes of 1 to 10 l and is equipped with a 1.1 kW variable speed drive.

MiniMaster Lab Dispersator

Our MiniMaster (Model 50) Laboratory Dispersator produces consistently repeatable dispersions through faster mixing action and improved motor performance. This high-performance, high-speed unit ensures constant mixing speed regardless of product weight, viscosity or other variables.

Laboratory De-Aerator MiniVac

The MiniVac laboratory-scale De-Aerator was specially developed for small batches or initial tests and – like the production-scale NETZSCH vacuum de-aerator – operates according to the VTR principle (vacuum - thin film - rotary process). With extreme ease of operation you can remove micronized pockets of gas and air from free-flowing products of various viscosities as well as from viscous pastes and compounds.

Dry Grinding

Products & Solutions in the field of Dry Grinding

The LabCompactPlant was designed especially for the production of laboratory and small batches. Naturally, the daily demands of laboratory operations were taken into consideration when the details of the plant construction were being planned.


Truly a flexible laboratory system – with reproducible results – variable for ultra-fine grinding and classifying – for laboratory operations or the continuous production of small batches!


Products & Solutions in the field of NETZSCH-Beads®
SteelBeads HQ

Cast steel grinding beads of tempered carbon steel