Life Science

Life Science is an international term for the "science of life". This includes various branches of modern research, which involve knowledge of biology, chemistry, medicine and other areas. Applications from the field of Life Science such as active pharmaceutical ingredients and additives, cosmetics, household maintenance and textile care products or biotechnology products place very high demands on the machines to be employed. Matched to your application, we offer you machines with a specific design (e.g. free of dead space and GMP compliant) or specially designed models tailored to the particular requirements.


The pharmaceutical industry manufactures active ingredients and additives that often require very small, narrowly-distributed finenesses into the nanometer range in order to achieve faster and greater effectiveness, more exact dosing, etc.

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Cosmetics / Personal Hygiene

The cosmetics industry produces personal hygiene and beauty care products which contain solids (e.g. pigments, etc.). Some examples of these products are: lipstick, face powder. lip balm, etc.

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In biotechnology, knowledge of biology, biochemistry, microbiology and process engineering is used to produce specific substances with new production methods, for example, in bioreactors with the aid of microorganisms.

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