System Salsa®: Plants - Not Only for Chocolate

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The production of Confectionery Masses like compound coatings, icing cream, fillings and spreads calls for lines with high process flexibility and a wide range of product features and quality requirements. Fat content, processing temperature, particle size and other properties may change a lot according to the needs of the market and new products.

The plants manufactured by NETZSCH Grinding & Dispersing for the production of above mentioned confectionery masses as well as rework, nut pastes and nougat masses are modular. This modular design on the one hand minimizes the space requirement and on the other hand facilitates the expansion of your production. Our line concept includes the initial homogenization of the individual components in one mixing tank with a rapidly spinning dispersion tool for product circulation, the transfer-pumping of the mass into the heated temporary storage tanks and the subsequent fine grinding in the LME agitator bead mills.

Optionally our system can be equipped with peripherals like feeding station, fat melter and our NETZSCH Pre-Cutter VN for the first refining of nuts and rework.

Shown is a modular Salsa® plant for icing cream. Fine grinding of the mass is here accomplished through multi-pass operation, i.e. two LME agitator bead mills connected in series, for higher quality and efficiency.


Our Salsa®-system provides the economical production of compounds, fillings or spreads with an individual note, even in small quantities.