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The topic of "energy-efficient" treatment is central to the NETZSCH philosophy and policies for the Business Field "Minerals & Mining".

NETZSCH puts the topic of "energy-efficient processing" at the center of its day-to-day thinking an acting for the "Minerals & Mining" business area.

Whether ore, limestone, talc, graphite, cement or other raw materials in the Mineral industry, our customers can efficiently Crush, Classify an disperse at every throughput with NETZSCH production system.

During our 140 years of success, we have revolutionized the process design by using proven technologies such as the Drum Mill, replacing it with new, more effective methods such as the jet an agitator ball mills. We respond to our customers`requirements by enabling grain sizes down to the submicron range with a constant narrow grain size distribution an increasing production capacities, even with samll aggregates. 

Always looking to expand, grow and be able to offer a wide range of service to our customers worldwide, the Grinding & Dispersion Business Unit of the NETZSCH Group incorporated ECUTEC to the group since November 2016. Thanks to ECUTEC`s experience an expertise in its field, the NETZSCH business unit "Minerals an Mining" can also give solutions to Industrial Minerals applications. 

The Business Field "Minerals & Mining" guarantees state-of-the-art production systems and technology leadership as well as outstanding performance for customer-oriented processing solutions for the mining and treatment of naturally-occurring raw materials.     

Udo Enderle
Business Field Manager "Minerals & Mining"

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