NETZSCH equipment for diverse product groups in the minerals and mining industry

Around the world, tons of raw materials are mined and extracted every day that are then crushed, ground and classified on NETZSCH machines and equipment. As an expert partner and manufacturer, we provide support for our customers in the treatment of a wide variety of minerals and ores for the production of fillers, pigments or metals, as well as other chemical reaction products. 

For both new and existing installations, we can optimize your process and the efficiency of your production. You profit from an innovative partner that will support you over the long term, around the world. Together with you, we will develop the optimal solution for your treatment task.

Precious Metals / Rare Earths

In addition to gold and silver, platinum metals such as mercury and rhenium are also counted among the classical precious metals. At room temperature in air, these elements either do not corrode at all or do so extremely slowly and to a very slight degree.

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Industrial Minerals