System Mambo®

Production of premium compound masses


Thanks to its modular design, the Mambo® can be configured to your exact requirements and can be easily expanded to the needs of your plant.

In addition to standard filling cream, spreads and compounds the Mambo® can also process specialties such as diet masses or chocolate with different types of sugar and additives. You can produce all standard confectionery masses fully temperature controlled in a consistent, reproducible quality.

The integrated and fully automated Mambo® cleaning system allows fast product changes without additional time or cleaning liquid. It consist a storage tank for cleaning fat, cleaning heads, pigging system in pipeline, pumps and automatic sequence of raw material dosing at beginning, during and after the mixing and refining.


  • Fully-enclosed system eliminates risk of external contamination
  • Modern design - ergonomic, hygienic and compact
  • Noise reduction and heat savings due to the enclosed housing design
  • Quality consistency due to our automated process
  • Faster and economic product exchange with low material loss from cleaning
  • Integrated CIP (clean-in-place) system for tanks and piping


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Capacity in kg/hSpace requirement [m²]
Mambo® 1000
250 - 50020
Mambo® 2000
500 - 100025
Mambo® 3000
1000 - 200030




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