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The quality of the homogenizer determines the quality of your emulsion.

Only by using the shear energy optimally the necessary droplet sizes and droplet size distributions can be achieved.

Apart from the profitability, the efficiency has absolute priority concerning the choice of the homogenizer. Of course, a universal application for different products must be possible.

Our special attention is directed to the development of an optimum tooth geometry, of the dispergating toothing as well as to the shaping of the whole homogenizing system, in order to produce highest shear speeds/shear energies and thus to guarantee finest emulsion droplets.
The high capacity of the homogenizer stands also out in the upper vacuum range.

With the NETZSCH-Vakumix Homogenizer, we meet all wishes of the market.

A variety of options and versions enables the:

  • suction of different phases directly into the toothing area (e.g. hot-cold),
  • thinning of ethersulfate in the inline process,
  • integration of powders,
  • dosed feeding of liquid phases at the same time,
  • and much more.


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  • rotor/ stator inline homogenizer
  • static version
  • velocity up to 31m/s
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  • rotor / stator inline homogenizer
  • mobile version
  • velocity up to 31m/s
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US (Ultra Shear)
  • rotor / stator inline homogenizer
  • velocity up to 55 m/s
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UST (Ultra Shear Twin)
  • rotor / rotor inline homogenizer,
  • velocity up to 90 m/s
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  • plant with inline homogenizer for a continuous production process
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