In-Pipe System LambdaVita Type conti

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With the Inpipe Mixer LambdaVita Type conti, you invest into the first system which is able to homogenize directly within the pipeline without any process vessel. Here,you not only save space, but also win flexibility, as the system has a modular design and its Inline-housing can be homogenized, dispergated or mixed within a piping system.The process consists of a main stream and one or several additional streams which are dosing several single components.Here, their amounts are measured by means of flow meters or dosing pumps and registered by a data recording system.

  • Unique method for dispergating / homogenizing within pipelines
  • Makes process vessels redundant
  • Can be integrated into existing piping systems
  • Extremely flexible, continuous system in which various sequences of operations can be integrated
  • Enables the dispergation/homogenization of several products/product variations
  • Suitable for cold, hot, liquid or high viscous compounds
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Sterilizable


Moreover, the following operational system parameters can be controlled.

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Conductivity
  • pH-value
  • Viscosity


The System Inpipe Mixer LambdaVita Type conti can be cleaned without being dismantled (CIP).The sterilization of the whole system can be carried out with saturated steam (SIP).

The Inpipe Mixer LambdaVita Type conti offers various detailed solutions which can be combined. An Inline-housing can be equipped with a homogenizer or a simple mixing system. Dosing and deaeration of powder is carried out in a self-sucking way by means of an integrated valve-vessel system. For maximizing the shear forces, two rotors working in opposite directions can be used, such that the relative velocities of up to 64 m/sec can be reached (shear rates up to 250.000 VS 1/s). In addition, various versions of sealing systems widen the field of application of the Inpie Mixer LambdaVita Type conti. The interfaces between main and additional streams are equipped with mechanical seals or shaft seal rings. Special pharma versions can be operated with or without sealing liquids.

Due to its unique design, the Inpipe Mixer LambdaVita Type conti is versatile for homogenization and dispergation. Moreover, an already installed system can be extended or reduced without great effort. This is especially advantageous, if the number of raw materials is increased or reduced. Thus, new product versions can be created with a minimum of effort.
The Inpipe Mixer LambdaVita Type conti is suitable for food applications. It will turn out to be the new key technology for the production of e.g. yogurt, curd cheese and milk mix drinks. The Inpipe Mixer LambdaVita Type conti is also favorably suitable for the production of mayonnaise and fruit juices.

Due to its design which makes it easy to homogenize or dispergate various ingredients directly within the pipeline, the Inpipe Mixer LambdaVita Type conti is destinated for the production of sauces.
In the field of cosmetics and chemics, the Inpipe Mixer LambdaVita Type conti is of excellent service for the production of shampoos, lotions or detergents. Especially for incorporating parfums and dyestuffs, the Inpipe Mixer LambdaVita Type conti is a real alternative to conventional systems. Besides all stated applications, the Inpipe Mixer LambdaVita Type conti is applied where cold, hot, liquid or high viscous compounds are produced.

  • The homogenizer / the mixing system is integrated directly into the Inline housing.
  • The homogenizer / the mixing system can be easily and quickly mounted and dismounted due to clamp connections or unions
  • The stator can be mounted between two housing sections.
  • The housing connections can be exchanged by clamp connections or unions.
  • The homogenizing system can be installed at the top as well as at the bottom of the housing.
  • Raw materials are dosed directly onto the rotor via the Inline-housing by dosing systems.
  • Several homogenizing and mixing systems can be combined.

The control of the system is carried out by means of a comfortable touch panel or PC-control depending on the customer’s demands. For control purposes, all installed transmitters are shown on the display. All process data can be entered into a list and then started. If required, a recipe administration with recipe operation can be provided.



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