Laboratory Mixer KappaVita Type HM

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A real „Scaling-Up“ from laboratory up to production without compromises, by means of identical design and performance compared to the production machines.

This is the real important point when developing a product.

It is necessary to react quickly and precisely and at the same time to guarantee a high product quality, as between invention of products and introduction of products always little time is left. The production has to supply right in time and this without quality deviations.

Therefore, at NETZSCH Vakumix the laboratory mixer has a very high significance and we guarantee the scaleability of the process parameters to the production machines.

The Makro-Recorder developed by NETZSCH Vakumix offers further advantages. The Makro-Recorder enables to record all manual recipe steps and procedures and to issue an automatic batch programme.

There are many innovative advantages in competition for your business. Please, do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we will find a solution.

Laboratory Mixers in different sizes are available for your requirements and applications, in order to cover all fields of development and sample manufacturing.

Our scope of delivery

  • Laboratory Mixer KappaVita Type HM 2
  • Laboratory Mixer KappaVita Type HM 5
  • Laboratory Mixer KappaVita Type HM 15
  • Laboratory Mixer KappaVita Type HM 35


The decisive characteristics of the Laboratory Mixer KappaVita:

  • Lifting and Lowering of Lid and Agitator,
  • Pressure- and vacuum-proof machine design (sterile production),
  • Lid with safety quick lock, quick and easy to operate,
  • Aseptic GMP design,
  • Integrated CIP design,
  • Stepless RPM-control of the agitator drive and the homogenizer,
  • Patented scraping for clockwise and counter-clockwise direction,
  • Excellent horizontal and vertical mixing,
  • Methods for comfortable suction and dispergating of powders,
  • Homogenizing in the recirculation,
  • Suction of water and fat phases according to the hot/cold method,*
  • Flexible adapting of the highest shearing energy to a careful pumping and draining of the product,
  • Control of the heating and cooling processes with different strategies,*
  • Control and automation via touch screen.
NETZSCH Vakumix laboratory mixer KappaVita HM - compact, rugged design

Please contact us and we will find the optimal version with the corresponding control units for you.

Of course, NETZSCH Vakumix is the ideal partner for non-standard solutions.







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