Impact Mill Condux®

Simple, flexible grinding!

The Impact Mill Condux® is a high speed fine impact mill for the dry grinding of various products up to a Mohs hardness of 3 - 3,5. The diversity of grinding tools allow the mill to be used universally depending on the application and area of operation. This of course also applies later on, when circumstances such as product characteristics or requirements have changed, the grinding tools can be changed as well.

Depending on the application and product, the mill is equipped with differing rotor and stator variations and can be operated as any of the following mill types: Pin Mill, Blast Mill, Beater Mill or Attrition Disc Mill.

One design variant with 2 housing doors can be used either as a single rotor or a counter-rotating pin mill.

Impact Mill Condux® with integrated Classifier

The newly designed Condux® Impact Mill with an integrated dynamic air classifier is used when the desired final fineness cannot be achieved with conventional screenless pin mills or blast mills with screen inserts. In contrast to conventional classifier mills, the grinding disc and classifier wheel are torque-proof connected to each other and are operated by a common drive motor. By adjusting the height of the classifier wheel, it is possible to achieve a variable setting of the separation limit in a simple way.

With the Condux® CP, high finenesses (< 30 µm) and exact upper particle size limitation can be achieved.

  • Simple housing design ensures fast cleaning of the machine
  • The grinding disc and classifier wheel are torque-proof connected and are operated by a common drive motor
  • The height of the classifier wheel can be easily adjusted to allow variable adjustment of the cut-off point
NETZSCH Fine Impact Mill Condux® 680 with Classifier

Impact mill Condux® Compact

Simple Sugar Grinding – ATEX-compliant

The grinding of products, whose dusts are potentially explosive, places particularly high demands on the technology used and the design of a grinding plant with regard to safety. The most frequently used variant is a complete grinding system which is pressure shock resistant up to 10 bar (g). However, this usually means considerable costs for peripheral equipment.

With the new ATEX-compliant plant concept Condux® Compact, the installation of a more efficient grinding plant for many products is considerably easier: With this newly developed plant concept, explosion protection valves or explosion suppression equipment, explosion-decoupling devices, ventilators and even dust filter systems are no longer required in the classical sense.

NETZSCH Impact Mill Condux® 220 Compact


  • Finenesses from d99 < 30 µm to d99 800 µm
  • High speed impact mill with exchangeable grinding tools for the grinding of soft to medium hard materials (Mohs 3 – 3.5)
  • Grinding takes place in a vertical Rotor/Stator-System in numerous variations:
    • Beater Mill
    • Blast Mill
    • Pin Mill (single rotating and counter-rotating
    • Attrition Disc Mill
  • Robust one-piece machine housing with hinged door provides very good access for fast and easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Fineness set by adjustment of the rotational speed and tool selection
  • Bearing of the rotor shaft is a grease lubricated roller bearing in a flanged bearing housing
  • Optional design with 2 doors for single rotating and counter-rotating operation
  • Relative circumferential speed up to 250 m sec-1 (counter-rotating operation)
  • Flexible
  • Fast and easy modification of the mill
  • Optional designs available: pressure shock resistant, gas tight
Exchangeable tools for universal use




NETZSCH Fine Impact Mill Condux® 680 with Classifier
NETZSCH Fine Impact Mill Condux® 1600 (Blast Rotor)
NETZSCH Impact Mill Condux® - counter rotating pin disks
NETZSCH Impact Mill Condux® 220 Compact
NETZSCH Impact Mill Condux 220 with Corrugated Grinding Disc




Processing and refining are the actual tasks of the spice industry - a product which is "suitable for consumption" must be manufactured from the raw spices. One of the main tasks is the grinding of the raw materials. As the flavoring components - mainly essential oils - are very volatile, a particularly gentle grinding procedure must be used.


Sugar is a versatile raw material used to manufacture chocolate, jams, ice cream, beverages or bakery products such as cookies. For many applications, sugar is finely ground to increase the rate of solubility or simply for the decoration of tasty desserts.


Typical toner products have a D50 in the range of 5 µm – 7 µm. NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik GmbH entered the field of toner processing with the development of the CGS Jet Mill in the 1990’s followed by the CFS/HD-S High Dispersion Air Classifier a few years later.


As the global leader in particle-reduction machinery, NETZSCH offers the technology and machinery to provide true drug development solutions.


In contrast to conventional grinding plants, the processing gas in the new Impact Mill Condux® Compact is circulated. A pressure shock resistant rotary valve feeds the product directly into the mill. After the product has been ground, it leaves the machine through another valve at the bottom of the mill.


Condux® fine impact mills can be used for a wide range of applications. Equipped with various grinding tools and stators, optimum adaptations to different processes are guaranteed, also for pressure-shock-proof, inert gas and cryogenic grinding plants.


Our long-term experience with a diversity of products in these fields, is available for your toll grinding needs.


NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik GmbH, one of the global leading companies in the area of dry product processing, is part of the Business Unit Grinding & Dispersing of the NETZSCH Group. Customers profit from our comprehensive experience potential and our diverse machine program, ranging from laboratory- and production machines to complete production lines. Fine impact mills, classifying- and jet mills as well as fine-cutting mills and high-efficiency fine classifiers made by NETZSCH are mainly used in the application areas chemistry, inorganic materials/minerals, ceramics and life science for pharma- and food applications.

Application literature

Application literature

Mills and classifiers for processing cellulose


The demands placed by the manufacturing industry on the technical design of mechanical plants and processes are getting tougher all the time. Gas-tight or surge pressure-resistant designs are already a must for most plant and machinery to ensure compliance with the latest regulations. New product qualities and/or methods of production also enlarge the portfolio of requirements, for example in the cellulose processing sector.

Application literature

Whether used for the fine icing on cakes and cookies, in the production of confectionery and drinks, or for the visual rounding off of delicious desserts, in our latitude we cannot imagine a life without white sugar crystals for the sweetening of foodstuffs. Apart from the "coarse" crystal sugar or refined sugar which is mainly used, the considerably finer form of sugar, icing sugar, is required for many applications in the household and in industry. The manufacture of this fine sugar is carried out by mechanically milling sugar crystals on modern impact mills.

Application literature

Are you searching for a versatile grinding machine to handle multiple bulk products? One solution may be a unversal mill. The mill uses grinding tools that can be interchanged to handle a range of soft to medium-hard materials, providing the advantages of custumized grinding in one housing. After outlining the universal mill´s components, operation and maintenance, this article gives information on grinding tools, special applications and mill selection.

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Impact Mill Condux® 60

The universal laboratory mill – flexible, easy to operate! For a high variety of products and finenesses.

For finenesses from 30 to 800 µm (d97).

Machine size with grinding air capacity of approximately 70 to 280 Nm³/h.

CSM Classifier Mill

The dynamic air classifier integrated into the grinding chamber housing of this fine impact mill manufactures fine particle sizes with a defined maximum particle size limitation. Internal classification of the coarse material results in a more stable and energy efficient process than a mill with an external classification circuit. Applicable for finenesses from 10 to 150 µm (d97).

Machine sizes with drive capacities from 1.5 - 250 kW and air volume of approx. 50 - 26,000 Nm³/h.

NETZSCH SmartRemoval

NETZSCH SmartRemoval is an innovative filter hose replacement system saving time and money. It combines the advantages of the conventional Top and Side Removal Systems and offsets their weak points.

CS-Z Fine Cutting Mill

These fast operating fine cutting mills are the choice for the pulverization of fibrous, soft or elastic products. This type of cutting mill distinguishes itself through the optimization of number and position of the knives and the high cutting stroke rate.

Applicable for finenesses from 0.1 to 3 mm (d97).

Machine sizes available with drive capacities from 15 to 90 kW.