PMH / PML Planetary Mixing and Kneading Machines

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PML (Planetary Mixer, low speed) and PMH (Planetary Mixer, high speed) planetary mixing and kneading machines operate according to the planetary system. They are used for thixotropic and high-viscosity products.

Temperature-sensitive products can be mixed gently with this system. Even powdered and very light components can be dispersed quickly in liquids, achieving an optimum fineness and distribution. To empty the mixing vessels NETZSCH supplies Container Press Outs.


  • The NETZSCH PMH / PML mixing and kneading machines operate according to the planetary system
  • The mixing elements rotate on a central axis in a fixed tank, with each element simultaneously rotating on its own axis as well
  • The double rotary motion of the mixing elements covers the entire mixing zone and guarantees optimal dispersion
  • The revolving wall/floor scrapers support the mixing/kneading process while also providing for good heat transfer to the tank wall
  • Processing of products with very high viscosities
  • Homogeneous mixing of a wide variety of components
  • Extremely short mixing times for very high-quality results
  • Product-specific mixing and dispersing elements
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Direct measurement of product temperature via rotating thermosensor
  • Variable speed and independent dispersion drive
  • Vacuum-tight and explosion proof models
  • From laboratory-scale to large production-scale machines
  • Easily exchangeable mixing tools
Illustration of the operational principle of the planetary mixing and kneading machine



NETZSCH Planetary Mixer Type PMH - Slurry Production for Batteries
NETZSCH Planetary Mixer PMH 1400
NETZSCH Planetary Mixer Type PMH - Production of Silicones




The NETZSCH-Planetary Mixing and Kneading Machines are always used for processing viscous or pasty products with high viscosities and especially temperature sensitive products.


NETZSCH supports you in the development, production, testing, processing and application of your adhesives and sealants.

Our uncompromising quality standards make us to a global market leader in the areas of testing, mixing and dosing.

Application literature

Application literature

The NETZSCH planetary mixer type PML/PMH is successfully used in the production of products in a wide viscosity range from 1.000 mPas to more than 5.000.000 mPas. Laboratory and pilot plant scale machines up to full scale production units are available.

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