The next Generation of Agitator Bead Mills


Fresh creative standards were also set for the new Alpha® from the very beginning and a new expression of form was used that distinctly communicates the innovative strength of NETZSCH in the design as well. In place of the cast housing, external instruments and pipework there is a clear, dynamically-curved welded construction of heavy plating which also fulfills a load-bearing function.

The ergonomic design of the machine stand was a primary consideration during the development phase. The Alpha® has a self-supporting grinding chamber, which ensures good accessibility to the grinding area during operation and maintenance. Thanks to the ergonomic mounting of the grinding chamber, changing products is quite easy, especially on the smaller models.

The new Alpha® sets the standard when it comes to flexibility and handling and, thanks to its modularity, allows customer-specific solutions: different grinding systems can be mounted on one base stand – customized for the requirements of the product you need to process.

The advantage this modular system brings you is cross-system standardization and thus the option to economically convert a machine to a new grinding system. In addition, the Alpha® is also the platform for future NETZSCH technologies, which guarantees you long-term investment security.

The new NETZSCH Alpha® modular machine platform is designed such that three different grinding systems can be mounted on the same platform according to a defined drive capacity: the advanced disk grinding system, Discus, the Zeta® system with optimized grinding media separation and the new peg system, Macro.

Three different grinding systems

System Discus

The Revolutionary, Universal Grinding System

The NETZSCH Alpha® Discus system is the quantum leap in disk grinding technology. The further optimized Discus disk agitator combined with the NETZSCH DCC® separation system guarantees you extremely high throughput rates with significantly narrower dwell time distributions and therefore more intensive grinding with uniform impact intensity. The power input of the mill increases considerably, with a simultaneous increase in energy efficiency. The Discus grinding system activates and optimizes the movement of the grinding beads between the disks, which leads to a higher power input and a grinding efficiency with low specific energy consumption. Thus, you profit from a significant reduction in production costs, since the specific energy consumption decreases with increasing productivity.

NETZSCH Alpha® Discus System Brings you:

  • Extremely high throughput rates
  • Significantly narrower dwell time distribution
  • More intensive grinding with uniform impact intensity
  • The highest power input
  • Low specific energy consumption

System Zeta®

The Grinding System for Circulation and Multi-Pass Operation

Suitable for every viscosity and almost any product, with this technology you will achieve the highest product qualities and finenesses into the nanometer range using a wide variety of grinding media from 0.1 mm to 3 mm in diameter. The closed horizontal agitator bead mill is designed for the highest product throughput rates and has a peg grinding system with extremely high grinding intensity.

Focus on Your Benefits

  • Peg grinding system with the highest grinding intensity
  • Finenesses into the nanometer range
  • Narrowest particle size distribution
  • Greatest cost efficiency
  • Exact reproducibility
  • Effective centrifugal separation system
  • Use of extremely small grinding beads from 0.1 mm diameter
  • Logical design for the highest throughput rates
  • Ideal for circulation/multipass operation
  • Optimal energy input with effective cooling
  • Ideal temperature control
  • Universally applicable for every product
  • Scale-up possible from laboratory to production machine
  • Reliable use of a wide variety of grinding media from 0.1 mm to 3 mm
  • You achieve the best product qualities with maximum output and optimal energy efficiency
  • Additional product-optimized grinding chamber configurations available upon request

System Macro

The Grinding System for Maximum Power Input in Passage Operation

The Macro grinding system represents the logical advancement of the John System annular chamber mill with the centrifugal force separation device. The new peg system is designed for high power input in single and multi-pass operation. The grinding system has an intensive cooling system for the grinding chamber and agitator shaft, making the Alpha® Macro System the ideal machine for moderate to high viscosity products, such as UV systems, at low processing temperatures.

Alpha® Cart

For maintenance and service as well as changing the grinding media, grinding beads must be collected and moved. It is also sometimes necessary for different grinding systems to be moved from or to the machine. With the flexible, multifunctional Alpha® Cart you have a tool that can be used for all of the different grinding systems to greatly simplify these tasks.

The integrated service tray holds the entire bead charge and prevents loss of grinding media during maintenance. The grinding tank and tank bottom can be removed without additional lifting equipment. Another advantage is that one service cart can be used for multiple machines.


NETZSCH Alpha® Agitator Bead Mill




The next Generation in Wet Grinding - NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik GmbH has now developed the new Alpha® modular machine platform. Compared to earlier-generation machines, this series is designed such that different grinding systems can be mounted on the same base platform as appropriate for a defined drive capacity.


NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik GmbH offers mixing, kneading and dispersing machines for low- to high-viscosity products as well as a variety of wet-grinding units for reduction into the nanometer range, tailor-made for each application. When it comes to the processing of dry products by cutting, fine grinding or fine classification, you will find a wealth of experience and an equally varied program of fine-impact mills, classifier and jet mills as well as fine-cutting mills and high-performance fine classifiers.

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