Batch mill Type PRK

Reach Highest Product Qualities: Batch Mills for continuous Circulation Grinding of Hard Products


The new generation of PRK Agitator Mills is a further development of the proven NETZSCH Attritor machine.

For the first time these batch mills allow you continuous circulation grinding of hard and abrasive products. A compressed air diaphragm pump discharges the product and is used for circulation during operation.

You achieve highest product qualities with exact reproducibility.


  • Special agitator, vertically arranged, with tungsten carbide sleeves as wear-protection for the agitator pegs, activates the grinding media
  • High shear and bouncing forces are obtained by optimising the agitator shaft design according to the grinding media size used
  • Ideal flow conditions inside the grinding tank by adapted agitator peg arrangement in combination with a semi-spherical tank floor
  • Hard metal sieve plate for product grinding separation in the tank floor
  • Discharge valve with filter
  • Intensive cooling by double-wall grinding tank and coolable circulation pipeline
  • Condensation cleaning on the coolable tank lid
  • Circulation grinding guarantees exact reproducibility and high product homogeneity
  • Residue-free discharge and easy cleaning due to dish bottom chamber
  • Enclosed machine design to prevent emissions
  • Better servicing, due to integrated swivel-type grinding chamber mobile on rails and pneumatic lifting device for tank cover
  • Symmetrically arranged pegs allows reverse rotation to increase the machine’s lifetime
  • Coolable grinding chamber


  • Automation of production and cleaning process by PLC control
  • Adjustable agitator shaft speed
Batch Mill Type PRK – Agitator bead mills that allow continuous circulation grinding of hard metal suspensions with highest product quality and best reproducibility


Ores / Minerals / Metals


Ceramics / Glass

Tungsten Carbide




The PRK mills consists of fully enclosed circulation mills that are especially developed for processing tungsten carbide suspensions. Demands for exact reproduction, high homogeneity of the grinding product and simple cleaning are all realized in these grinding systems.


NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik GmbH offers mixing, kneading and dispersing machines for low- to high-viscosity products as well as a variety of wet-grinding units for reduction into the nanometer range, tailor-made for each application. When it comes to the processing of dry products by cutting, fine grinding or fine classification, you will find a wealth of experience and an equally varied program of fine-impact mills, classifier and jet mills as well as fine-cutting mills and high-performance fine classifiers.

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