Tratamiento de semillas

In seed treatment, the grain is coated with targeted growth-enhancing substances and growth-protectants during the dressing process. Consequently, the seeds are protected from disease and their optimal growth is ensured from the moment they are sown.

Depending on pest species and nutrient requirements, various formulations exist to utilize the full yield potential. Various methods are used to apply the growth-enhancing substances, such as (micro)nutrients, crop regulators and growth modulators, as well as inoculants and other growthprotectant substances, to the seeds:

  • Encapsulation with a thick layer to obtain an even shape
  • Pelletization – coating with protective substances and nutrients
  • Coating with a thin, polymer-based coating that is permeable to water.

Important steps in the production of the various formulations are mixing, dispersing and fine grinding, for which NETZSCH offers you a tailor-made solution.


Molienda en Húmedo

Molienda en Húmedo

Productos & Soluciones en el campo de Molienda en Húmedo

Sistema de molienda Neos

The agitator cooling with the newly-developed Neos grinding system stands for maximum performance, product quality and efficiency. Coupled with the reliable use of extremely small grinding media, you can achieve your required product quality with high production output and low specific energy consumption.

Sistema de molienda Zeta® - antes LMZ

The Zeta® grinding system is, in every respect, a user friendly, low-maintenance and very reliable grinding system.

Grinding System Discus Intensive

Our company represents competence in grinding technology, and the ability to meet demanding customer requirements. With the introduction of the new disc geometry TetraNex®/TetraNex®+, a significant increase in the efficiency of the grinding system was achieved. Now the grinding system has been modified again. In this long history - marked by ideas and patents - a new milestone has been set with the Discus Intensive Rotor.

Laboratory agitator bead mill Alpha® Lab

The LabStar laboratory-scale agitator bead mill is one of the most successful machines in the history of NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik GmbH. With the new Alpha® Lab laboratory agitator bead mill, the concept of the new generation of agitator bead mills, presented for the first time in 2015 with the Alpha®® 22 and the Alpha®® 45, has been consistently transferred to the laboratory mill.

Mezcla / Desaireación

Mezcla / Desaireación

Productos & Soluciones para Mezcla / Desaireación

Epsilon Inline Disperser

With the Epsilon, NETZSCH offers a new, compact solution for producing homogeneous dispersionswith reproducible quality in an inline process. Here, the dispersion process takes place in an atmospherically sealed processing chamber and is thus dust and emission free.

Dispersor en lína MaxShear

Compact enough to be included at virtually any point in your process. The self-pumping portable unit features rotor/stator based technology with multiple stator configurations available.

Dispersor en línea Ψ-Mix®

El dispersor en línea Ψ-Mix® es un sistema revolucionario para la mezcla y dispersión de sólidos en líquidos. Se logran dispersiones finas, homogéneas y de exacta calidad reproducible, todo ello con un proceso controlado y libre de emisiones

Mezcladores intensivos PMD / PMD-VC

Estos mezcladores intensivos son la correcta elección cuando se tienen que procesar grandes lotes de productos de viscosidad de moderada a alta. Las unidades de dispersión y mezcla estacionaria se utilizan con éxito principalmente en las industrias de pinturas, tintas de impresión y pigmentos.

Dispersor MasterMix®

Los dispersores NETZSCH MasterMix® son unidades de dispersión rápidas y de alta potencia para trabajos básicos de mezcla. Procesan fácilmente productos de viscosidades de hasta 100 Pa·s dentro de un amplio rango de aplicaciones.



Productos & Soluciones en NETZSCH-Beads®


GlassBeads are bubble-free glass grinding beads with a density of 2.5 kg/l. They are especially recommended for wet grinding applications in the low to medium viscosity range.


Yttrium-stabilized zirconium oxide grinding beads (Standard quality)


Cerium-stabilized zirconium oxide grinding beads (Standard quality)


Zirconium silicate grinding beads