Dedusting & Separating

Efficient Separation of Dust with Problem-Free Operation

For cleaning of dust-laden air, NETZSCH Dry Grinding technolgy offers tailor-made solutions for customers. The filter and plants are designed according to customers’ needs and is manufactured and adapted to suit individual customers specific needs for each application case.

The following product overview reflects and examples of our possibilities. Find out more about us and send us your inquiry. We will be pleased to send you an offer especially adapted to meet your particular requirements.

Use of Cyclones and Filters in Dry-Processing

The mechanical handling of powders, raw- or finished substances are an important part of many production processes in various industries. Within the many, different production processes, numerous steps are required to obtain the desired finished product. An almost unlimited number of the most varied products are ground during one production process. This means that mechanical process technology by size-reduction, fine - grinding and classifying is of ever expending importance.

The separation of the product being ground from the grinding gas is carried out in a mill and/or classifier with downstream cyclone and/or dust filter or a combination of both.

NETZSCH SmartRemoval

NETZSCH SmartRemoval is an innovative filter hose replacement system saving time and money. It combines the advantages of the conventional Top and Side Removal Systems and offsets their weak points.

Top Removal Hose Filter

In Top Removal dust filters the filter hoses and -baskets are removed from the top via the clean gas side.


Safe Use also in Explosion-Hazardous Areas

Rapid Change Filter

Rapid change filters are particularly suitable for production during which the product or color are changed frequently, as the complete filter packet must then be exchanged.


Cyclone or centrifugal separators are used in grinding- and classifying plants for separating the product out of the gas flow.


Rapid Locking System for Filter und Cyclones