Premix Vessels GammaVita Type ABF / ABW / ABS

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Profit form our experience of many years, as you will find this experience
in the many details of all our plants. Constant optimizing and further developments by NETZSCH Vakumix engineers have contributed to the the high quality standard of the NETZSCH Vakumix Premix Vessels GammaVita Type ABF and ABW.

Talk to us about possible options. Various design versions are available for your demands and your fields of application. Together, we can determine the kind of agitator and the necessary fitting equipment.

And of course you can decide, if you wish a premix-vessel for the stand-alone-operation or as part of the whole production line.

Do not make any compromises. NETZSCH Vakumix offers you investment security right from the beginning.


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ModelsDetailled Discription

Premix vessel with rotor / stator

inline homogenizer Lambda for low viscosity emulsions or suspensions

ABWPremix vessel with circulation agitation for preparing of water phases
ABFPremix vessel with circulation agitator for preparing / melting of fat or wax phases
Datos Técnicos

Datos Técnicos

Technical details of the premix vessels GammaVita Type ABF und ABW

The premix vessel GammaVita Type ABF designed for a fat phase and is mostly equipped with a two-zone heating and an additional grinding head.

The premix vessel GammaVita Type ABW is designed for water phases.

The decisive characteristics of the Premix Vessels GammaVita Typ ABF und ABW

NETZSCH Vakumix-Premix Vessel GammaVita of the types ABF and ABW corresponds to the latest state of GMP-conform CIP design.
In combination with the patented mixing and circulation agitator, mixing tasks in the vessel, transfers as well as CIP tasks can be handled in only one unit.

  • Presseure- and vacuum-proof vessel design
  • Manhole lid
  • GMP design
  • CIP design
  • SIP design
  • Stepless RPM-control of the patented circulation
  • Adjusting of the mixing intensity
  • Due to corresponding wall flows excellent heat transitions
  • Mixing of even smallest amounts.
  • Pumping and mixing in the recirculation process
  • High flow velocities for optimum CIP operation
  • Additional grinding heads for the GammaVita type ABF for melting the fat
  • Comfortable integration of smaller amounts of powders
  • Integration in complete process plant
  • Depending on the requirements, control with all options decribed under KappaVita type HM.

Naturally, other agitators can be installed instead of the NETZSCH Vakumix mixing and circulation agitators: Propeller agitators, turbo agitators, solenoid agitators or NETZSCH Vakumix Easy VISCO agitator etc.

Additional Equipment

  • Installation possibilities into the chamber of the circulation agitator for
    Conductivity, pressure, temperature, pH-value, suction valves
  • Equipment possibilities for the recirculation line
    Flow, conductivity, pressure, pH-value, sample drain, suction valves
  • Equipment possibilities in the lid area
    Ventilation, vacuum, saftey equipement, automatic pressure and vacuum control, powder suctions, liquid suctions, dosing reservoir, dosing of different raw materials, manhole lid
  • CIP Equipment
    Stationary installed in the lid
  • Vessel Material
    Product-contacted 1.4404, heating – cooling jacket 1.4541, other vessel parts 1.4301.
  • Heating – cooling control Heating
    - Heating directly with steam via control valves
    - Secondary heating – hot water circuit heatable with steam, via control valves
    - Secondary heating – hot water circuit electrically heatable
  • Can be combined with cooling
    - Direct with cooling watercooling
    - Indirect with cooling watercooling
    - Direct with ice water cooling
    - Indirect with ice waterHeating / cooling
    - Via one-zone heatingHeating / cooling via two-zone heating
  • Vacuum Control Waterring
    vacuum pumps of 2 m³/h bis 200 m³/h
  • Control/Operation
    Depending on the requirements, control with all options described under KappaVita Type HM.
  • Premix Vessel Sizes of the Series GammaVita ABF and ABW for the following Working Volume (in liters):
    40, 50, 75, 115, 140, 180. 225, 250, 275, 475, 800, 1100, 1500, 1700, 2100, 3300, 4300. 10000.




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Su petición

Su petición

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