The NETZSCH-BeadBox® is a device for automatic emptying and filling of a mill with grinding beads without opening the grinding chamber. The unit consists of a pump station, a storage vessel with shut-off device and connection lines with corresponding mill fittings.

When using smallest grinding beads a high effort for service on beads and mill is necessary to guarantee trouble-free operation.

With the NETZSCH-BeadBox®, which – as a mobile unit – can be applied to several agitator bead mills, you avoid laborious manual discharging of the mill and thus save production time and manpower.






The NETZSCH-BeadBox® is a device that makes it possible to automatically empty and fill a mill with grinding beads without opening the grinding chamber.


NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik GmbH offers mixing, kneading and dispersing machines for low- to high-viscosity products as well as a variety of wet-grinding units for reduction into the nanometer range, tailor-made for each application. When it comes to the processing of dry products by cutting, fine grinding or fine classification, you will find a wealth of experience and an equally varied program of fine-impact mills, classifier and jet mills as well as fine-cutting mills and high-performance fine classifiers.

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