Cocoa Liquor

For more than 30 years, NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik has been supplying machines for cocoa liquor grinding. Cocoa beans are transformed into cocoa nibs by breaking and separation of the shell particles. The cocoa nibs are getting grind into cocoa liquor. This grinding process is carried out in 2 grinding steps:


1.     Pre-grinding

Cocoa nibs (solid particles) are transformed into cocoa liquor, a suspension, with impact mills. State of the art are beater blade mills, which are impact mills with high speed rotors and slotted screens as stator

The gap sizes are graded in 50 µm steps beginning with 100 µm as finest gap size up to 350 µm as coarsest screen being used.


2. Fine grinding

The pre-ground cocoa liquor from 1st grinding step is fine ground in a subsequent agitated ball mill. Required end fineness is 99,5 – 99,9% < 75 µm. In case of using the cocoa liquor for the production of dark chocolates with a high cocoa content, the required fineness is d90 = 18 µm. This fineness is achieved in one fine grinding step with Netzsch horizontal agitated ball mill.


Tango® System– the Combination out of MasterNibs and MasterRefiner: The cocoa liquor, coming out of the MasterNibs, is pumped directly into the horizontal MasterRefiner where it is ground to end fineness.


MasterNibs and MasterRefiner are characterized by:

  • 75% less down time due to Easy access due to easy and fast exchange of grinding tools.
  • 56% less energy consumption due to fine pre-grinding and horizontal grinding chamber
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain due to good access
  • Low required space

Low energy consumption leads to

  • 38% lower iron and chromium transfer into the product
  • 0% transfer of hard metal constituents like cobalt and tungsten carbide
  • Less wear of grinding tools
  • Lower maintenance costs

Systèmes pour confiserie

Systèmes pour confiserie

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System Tango® - Plant for Cocoa Masses

The Tango® process plant achieves the production of finest cocoa mass thanks to the combination of beater blade mill type MasterNibs and agitator bead mill type MasterRefiner.

Broyage humide

Broyage humide

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Horizontal disk mill System Type MasterRefiner

The disk grinding system sets new benchmarks regarding capacity and flexibility. You profit from well-engineered technology that has already been proved for processing different food and confectionery products.



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