Expert with international Roots

Selb, January 23, 2014 – Theron Wolfgang Harbs is at home anywhere in the world and yet has been true to the NETZSCH Group for 25 years. The native Brazilian has managed the new Netzsch Confectionery division from the company headquarters in Selb since 2012.

Overall Responsibility for Brazil

The 48-year-old engineer with German-Italian roots grew up in Brazil and studied engineering at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. After graduation, Theron Harbs began his career as a project engineer at Netzsch do Brasil in the southern Brazilian city of Pomerode in 1989. Open to challenges, he built his career at Netzsch systematically from the ground up. In 1993 he took over sales management for the Grinding & Dispersing Business Unit in Brazil and in 1997 the overall responsibility for this sector in the Brazilian market. In the mid-90s, Theron Harbs pushed ahead with the marketing of product lines for dry grinding, thus tapping the entire South American and Southeast Asian confectionery industry.

New Business Division strategically developed

Since 2005 he has been responsible for the confectionery business worldwide. Theron Harbs handles sales and strategy issues as well as questions regarding technical development. Under his leadership, Netzsch developed its technological competency in the production of confectionery masses such as chocolate, compounds, fillings and spreads, and that eventually led to an expanded product portfolio with the first processing systems specifically for this purpose. He played a significant role in the system configuration of the ChocoEasy® and the development of the Samba pre-grinding system.

At the same time, he managed the Brazilian subsidiary established in 2005, "Netzsch Equipamentos de Moagem", through the end of 2011. When he took over management of the new Netzsch Confectionery Division in Selb in 2012, he left his successor a company with 80 employees and an annual turnover of around 20 million Euros.

Theron Harbs is married and has two children.