Proven control system with push button and digital display

The machine can be operated using robust pushbuttons, rotary dials and selector switches and the speed of the agitator shaft can be continuously adjusted via a frequency converter.

Essential operating parameters such as the speed of the agitator shaft and the current power consumption of the machine can be monitored on a digital switchable display.

The pressure at the product inlet of the mill as well as the product temperature are monitored and displayed by means of a contact manometer and contact thermometers.


  • Mill on / off
  • Pump on / off
  • Mill slower / faster
  • Pump slower / faster
  • Emergency stop
  • Selector switch for digital display


  • Hardware control
  • Operation via push-buttons / selector switch
  • Digital display.


  • Product temperature:
    Contact thermometer with MAX shut-off contact
  • Grinding chamber pressure:
    Contact manometer with MAX shut-off contact
  • Sealing fluid:
    MIN fill level shut-off contact
    MIN pressure shut-off contact
    MAX temperature shut-off contact
  • End of product shut-off: 
    via MIN contact manometer

Control panel display

A switchable, digital display for:

  • Agitator shaft speed [min-1]
    Current power consumption [W] of the mill
  • Pump speed [1/min] (only for electromechanically driven pumps

Other displays

  • Sealing fluid:
    Fill level: sight glass in the thermosyphon vessel
    Pressure: display on maintenance unit
  • Product temperature:
    display thermometer at mill inlet and outlet
  • Grinding chamber pressure
    display manometer at mill inlet