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Continuous homogenizing system for low to medium viscosity products based on rotor/stator technology.

The modular system typically consists of a central product line for the main stream, as well as "X" ingredient dosing lines, which are individually adjusted according to the quantity and properties of the product component.

While the CIP capability of these systems is part of the standard equipment, several homogenizer sizes and a variety of optional sensors for continuous product analysis/process monitoring are available for maximum system efficiency. Upon request, a recipe management system with recipe operation will be integrated for the processes.

The user-friendly system control is available in a semi- or fully-automatic version...

Due to its design, the Lambda Vita Conti is extremely versatile for both homogenization and dispersion.

In the cosmetics and chemistry sector, the LambdaVita CONTI delivers outstanding performance in the production of shampoo, lotions or detergents. The LambdaVita CONTI is a true alternative to conventional systems, especially for the incorporation of perfumes and dyes. In addition to all these areas of application, the LambdaVita CONTI can be used everywhere where liquid or still flowable mixtures are to be produced.

The LambdaVita CONTI is also suitable for use in the food sector. It is becoming the new key technology for the production of dairy products such as yogurt, cottage cheese and milk drinks. But the LambdaVita CONTI can also be used advantageously for the production of mayonnaise and fruit juices. In addition, its design, which allows the homogenization or dispersion of many different ingredients directly in the pipe, predestined it for the production of sauces.

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